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Archaeology is the scientific study of human material remains. It covers people from prehistory through the world today. Archaeologists reconstruct human lifestyles, explore questions and theories about humans and culture, and contribute to the management of cultural resources. At Eastern Kentucky University, students may take archaeology courses that span the globe, work in an archaeology laboratory, and learn archaeological methods by participating in a field school.


(consult the University catalog for course descriptions)

Hot air balloons flying over Luxor at twilight

  • ANT 321: Historical Archaeology
  • ANT 341: North American Archaeology
  • ANT 351W: Archaeology (writing intensive)
  • ANT 355: Selected Topic in Archaeology
  • ANT 357: Archaeology and the Law
  • ANT 360: Mesoamerica Before Cortez
  • ANT 439: Practicum in Archaeology
  • ANT 470: Field Methods in Archaeology (Field School)
  • ANT 471: Archaeological Materials Analysis
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