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Anthropology Major

The Path to Majoring in Anthropology

Major Requirements: 33 hours (120 Total hours)

ANT 120    Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 200    Archaeology and Human Culture
ANT 201    Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANT 330    Native American Cultures
ANT 394W  Anthropology and Wicked Problems: Writing Intensive
ANT 395    History and Theory of Anthropology

AND at least one course from each of the following three categories (18 hours total):

ANT 321    Historical Archaeology
ANT 341    North American Archaeology
ANT 357    Archaeology and the Law
ANT 360    Aztecs, Inkas, Mayas
ANT 439    Practicum in Archaeology
ANT 470    Field Methods in Archaeology (Archaeology Field School)
ANT 471    Archaeological Materials Analysis
ANT 355    Selected Topics in Archaeology

ANT 311    Anthropology of Religion
ANT 344    Applied Anthropology
ANT 345    Language and Culture
ANT 346    Anthropology of Food
ANT 377    Medical Anthropology
ANT 375    Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology

ANT 306    Human Evolution
ANT 365    Selected Topics in Biological Anthropology
ANT 370    Primate Conservation
ANT 371    Primate Ecology and Sociality
ANT 380    Forensic Anthropology    
ANT 385    Human Osteology
ANT 460    BioAnthropology Field Methods (Primate Field School)

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